two fat investment management advisers shouting fear and greedConsumer watchdog Which? has calculated that hidden charges can wipe out as much as 50 per cent of your pension savings.

Its report highlighted the risk of an impoverished old age faced by otherwise thrifty investors posed by greedy banks and pension providers.

But heavy erosion of returns is a hazard that anyone who puts money aside for their retirement – or for any other purposes – faces in today’s cut-throat, sales-driven, financial world.

For that reason, a proactive investment strategy undertaken by an independent, unbiased, financial expert is vital if a high percentage of your savings is not to evaporate in the form of excessive and repetitive charge concealed in the small print of many investment contracts and policies.

Regular performance reviews undertaken by a financial expert who will also help you to avoid unnecessary tax, should also be integral to an effective proper investment strategy – that is, one that is not simply left to chance and the markets, but is designed to achieve the specific goals of you, the investor.

With this in mind, The Whitehall Partnership, a leading financial adviser in the West Midlands, has designed Valueplus, an exclusive investment planning tool that gets to grips your  current investments and pension savings.

It is an effective antidote to the lazy, self-interested advice and recommendations you may have received from salesmen more interested in pushing their firms’ latest products than helping you to achieve your financial aims.

Using Valueplus, we will study the small print of all your policies and accounts and provide you with a detailed report that states exactly what you are paying in charges, so that you can see exactly where and how your potential returns are being eroded and where they may be improved – all designed to help you understand the true value of investment management decisions made.

Valueplus will also highlight the levels of risk to which you are exposed, and whether or not your investments are suitable for your financial circumstances and will ultimately match your needs and expectations.

Valueplus is provided for a fixed fee payable in advance and without an obligation to become a client of The Whitehall Partnership.  But if after reading our unique investment management report you decide to take matters further our full range of investment and retirement planning services will be available to you.

Whether you simply wish to gain a better understanding of your existing investments or consider ways of improving them, call 0845 4349 250.  Our first meeting with you will be free and will allow you to ask questions and to discuss your personal requirements in detail.


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