confident investment management team looking towards the cameraInvestment management is a simple concept that conceals many layers of complexity; which is why the services of an independent financial adviser is important.

At its simplest, investment management entails the professional supervision of assets such as shares, bonds, pension funds and cash,  as well as others such as property, in a way that meets the specific goals of their owners.

In the case of a private investor, such goals might include building a nest egg that will provide a comfortable living in retirement, fund extensive overseas travel or purchase a holiday home for example.

Others might wish to build a portfolio of income-yielding investments that can be passed on to the next generation when they die.

Complexity arises when it comes to deciding on the spread of assets most likely to yield the desired result without exposing the individual investor to undesirable levels of risk and high costs.

Assets such as equities, gilts, corporate bonds, precious metals or property, differ in their characteristics and time frames, and building a balanced portfolio that takes into account an investor’s ability to tolerate and absorb risk while working towards an agreed goal is the job of a skilled independent adviser.

At The Whitehall Partnership, we believe that investment management should, above all, be aimed at ensuring our clients’ wealth and peace of mind are protected and that their exposure to cost be kept to the barest minimum.

As one of the West Midlands’ leading independent financial advisers based in Worcestershire, we take a long term view; one that is based on finding the right investment vehicle to suite a client’s individual needs and sticking with it, instead of constantly dipping in and out of the markets in pursuit of often illusory gains, and generating unnecessary trading costs in the process.

We are pleased to be able to boast that since the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008 not one of our clients has ever had cause to worry about the safety of their investments.




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