An opportunity to lean how to balance the often conflicting dreams of wealth and happiness in your life, plus ways of reducing your exposure to inheritance tax, is being offered by The Whitehall Partnership, a leading firm of highly qualified independent financial advisers, at an investment seminar to be held at Hagley Golf and Country Club, near Stourbridge on the 9th October 2013.

Picture of John Taylor who is the speaker of the investment seminarLed by John Taylor, an Investment Fiduciary and holder of the Diploma in Personal Financial Planning – the Happiness, Wealth and Inheritance Tax seminar will focus on issues that concern many high net work individuals and those saving and investing for their retirement, including those wishing to leave something to their loved ones when they die.

John is running two 1-hour investment seminars (11am and 2.30pm), which are designed to be entertaining and thought provoking, helping people make better financial decisions.

The first topic, Happiness, reflects the fact that John, not only wants his clients to accumulate and protect their wealth, but to enjoy it as well.

Recent research undertaken by psychologists reinforces what most people already knew – that abundant wealth and expensive material possessions do not in themselves ensure lasting happiness.

It’s the way money is spent that is key to equalising out the wealth and happiness equation, as the seminar will show.

The Wealth section of the seminar will deliver expert advice not just how your money can best be invested in a climate of economic uncertainty and low interest rates but also how to avoid the hidden charges that make investment companies rich while leaving many otherwise thrifty and cautious people facing an impoverished old age.

The consumer watchdog Which? calculated recently that hidden charges can reduce returns on pensions investments by as much as 50 per cent – something that the seductive advertising and glossy brochures peddled by those eager to get their hands on your money somehow  omits to mention.

John will show how the Whitehall Partnership protects its clients from these returns-reducing high charges while providing them with regular statements and investment reports that show clearly how their investments are performing.

The third topic of the investment seminar, Inheritance Tax, will demonstrate how you can utilise estate planning techniques to ensure that when you die your wealth is passed on to your heirs instead of adding to the billions of pounds of unnecessary inheritance tax bagged by the Treasury every year.

You will learn how The Whitehall Partnership’s estate planning service, in conjunction with a panel of trusted legal and accountancy professionals, will enable you to maintain full control of your assets while you are alive and ensure they are distributed strictly according to your wishes when you die.

All of which can be achieved through skilful long-term planning rather than pumping money into complex, risky and high cost financial products which may ultimately yield little.

For more details about the seminar and the full range of safe, cost-effective financial advisory services offered by The Whitehall Partnership click here.


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