Income drawdown allows you continue to manage your pension fund, retaining ability to grow your pension pot should your investments rise. This does have consequences, if your investments fall in value or fail to keep up with the level of withdrawals then your income will fall. It is therefore important that you explore every alternative; phased retirement, guaranteed and purchased life annuities along with scheme pension are amongst many options open to retirees.

The problem for investors is getting value for money. The state system is riddled with complexity and independent financial adviser services operators have become branded by bad press.

The question in the minds of most retirees is how can I retire and what kind of decisions do I need to make? This is what makes The Whitehall Partnership different to other wealth managers; by helping investors acquire the right mindset. A great example of this is the option to take capped and flexible drawdown retirement benefits. These options offer more flexibility and control but many product providers overstate these benefits, leading many investors down the wrong path.

The best kind of retirement advice looks at what kind of information matters most. It enables the investor to see beyond the sales jargon of income drawdown, allowing them to make informed decisions about retirement planning. The issues of charges, risk and drawdown payments are vital concepts to understand before any decisions are made. For further information click here.

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